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Why are Friendships Important?

To me, a friendship can range from your best friend, to the cashier you talk to at the shops occasionally. It can be your teacher, your parents, siblings, classmates, pets or even (Trust me, I don’t think it’s weird) that little toy that you’ve had since you were three. Some people might not categorise these as friendships, some might. All I’m saying is, if you call it a friend, you have a friendship with that person, or animal or object. Hey! Who hasn’t acted as though their toy doll was their best friend when younger? Friendships are everywhere and you can’t avoid them. Now, back to business, I want you guys to think of one of the best moments you’ve had with your friends. It can be anything or anyone you call a friend. The ocean, your computer, your aghhh! Whatever friend you can think of! Anyways, now try to imagine that moment without your friend/s. That wouldn’t be great, would it? Friendships are important for this very reason. Things that happen in life, never would have happened if it weren’t for your friends. They usually (dunno why they wouldn’t) make the world a better place. There are definitely pros and cons about having friends such as increased arguments and you may even be jealous of them for some reason (I have! It’s okay to be jealous, just don’t let it change your friendship with them, every has their own abilities!) but then there are things like:

-Being there to support you

-More Birthdays!

-Gives you the chance to socialise! (I’m not saying that electronics are bad, I mean, heeeloooo! I was on my laptop to type this thingo up and I assure you, I had plenty of fun doing so.)



Now you may not understand what “giving” meant but, doesn’t it feel good to give? Yes, it feels great to be given something. But when you give something to someone, doesn’t it make you feel like you are doing some good in the world? Making your friends feel happy and remembered, helping someone else in need. You don’t have to always give someone something. It just helps to know that you are appreciated for what you do. You also don’t always have to share. If it’s your food, it’s your food. You gotta eat too but it’s your choice if you want to share it. Here is a simple way to remember. If it’s something that you need you don’t have to share. Like your food, or you ruler if you are currently using it. People should be getting their own things for school though! Wow! I’ve been ranting a bit, haven’t I?

Let’s conclude this thing. Friends are there for you, no matter what. You usually won’t feel lonely and you most of your friends are what make your life, so much better. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I had never met my friends. Some of them actually blog on this. Well, they encouraged me to blog actually, but you would already know this, if you read my bio! So, stay tuned guys cause some very special info will be popping up soon! About some certain, somepeoples!





If any of you decide that my rant was incorrect. I don't mind. Really, it's my opinion! It can be yours too though!

9th Apr, 19

This is the cheesiest blog ever and I love it

9th Apr, 19

that was sorta the point though! Try to make it less formal. Cause I can be a bore when I start writing things like that! Cheesy is a great word to describe it! Thx tho! k. Next up! Friend 1!

9th Apr, 19